How long does an escape game last?

You will be expected 15 minutes before the start of the game for an introduction.
Then you will have 1 hour to escape from the escape room.
After the game, you can chat a bit about the escape room and enjoy each other’s company

Is a good physical condition necessary?

Absolutely not. The game is suitable for all ages. No physical exertion is required. Pregnant women may also participate in this game. If desired, we will provide a chair in the room.

I suffer from claustrophobia, can I play?

Yes, you can! It’s a question we get every day, and no one has really suffered from claustrophobia. In each escape room, we have provided several “panic buttons.” When you press one of these buttons, the entrance door opens automatically. We also closely monitor all your movements so that we can always intervene if necessary. If it’s really not possible, we leave the entrance door open without locking it.

May I take pictures and/or film in the escape room?

No, that is absolutely forbidden!

All smartphones are locked in personal lockers.

This is because we have no control over what happens to these photos or movies. They can end up on social media and reveal all the clues.

After the game, we always take a group photo which we then share on our Facebook page.

Are we getting clues?

The ability to get counseling is available in all of our rooms! In most rooms it is also possible to ask for advice. Our gamemasters will give clues to your group if you are stuck. Please note that we do not give clues with the goal of each group escaping; the goal is and always will be for each group to find their own way out!

So there is a lot of help! 😉

Is the escape room scary or terrifying?

No. An escape room is not a haunted house designed to scare you. No, we make sure there is excitement because you are in a race against the clock. Excitement, of course, but not fear!
Attention! House On The Hill in Kortrijk does have a horror theme.

What language are the escape rooms in?

English! But not difficult. We use only basic words and phrases. The introduction we give is standard in Dutch, but if necessary we can also do it in French or English.

Children and youth under 18. From what age can they participate?

Children as young as 11 can participate in adult play and even make valuable contributions. In general, children are more active in looking for clues than adults. We strongly discourage bringing children under 11 years of age. For children 11 and older, at least one adult supervisor must accompany them in the room. Escape rooms can be played unaccompanied for ages 15 and up.