Madam Bonbon - Escape room Kortrijk

Madam Bonbon (Kortrijk, Engelsewandeling 2)


Welcome to Madam Bonbon’s chocolate shop! You step into a cute little chocolate shop here. But appearances can be deceiving. Actually, an extremely addictive chocolate recipe has been secretly made here for a century and a half. Even the Colombian mafia has been looking for this recipe for ages. Unfortunately, Madam Bonbon, being the only recipe holder, has forgotten the recipe. She does know that she hid it somewhere in her shop. The Colombian mafia also found this out recently… We know from sources that they are on their way here too. Find the recipe before they find it and get it to safety! Good luck!

This is an advanced-level room and independently playable from 15 years of age. For children from 11 years old, at least one adult supervisor must accompany them in the room.

House on the hill - escape room Kortrijk

House on the hill (Kortrijk, Engelsewandeling 2)


In 1798, a mysterious family moved into the house on Pottelberg in Kortrijk. They had no contact with their neighbours, they rarely if ever went outside and there were strange noises coming from the house that reached far. No Kortrijk resident dared to contact them. Suddenly, one day, the family had vanished into thin air… The house has been empty since 1801, but according to some local residents, strange noises still emanate from the house. Magdalena James, an English researcher who specialises in the paranormal, went to investigate a few weeks ago. An hour after she entered the house,contact was broken… Do you dare to investigate what happened to Magdalena and what on earth is going on in this mysterious house? This is a medium-level room and can be played independently from 15 years. For children aged 11 and over, at least one adult companion must accompany you in the room.

*Please note: horror-themed.

Lab K19 - Escape room Kortrijk

Lab K19 (Kortrijk, Engelsewandeling 2)


A month and a half ago, things went completely wrong during a tour of Lab K19, a medical research lab. Some playing children knocked over a hazardous substance, causing a chemical reaction. The resulting toxins quickly spread through the air in Kortrijk. At the moment, mouth masks still keep us safe, but that will change. The substances are spreading and becoming more and more toxic. You must develop a vaccine for the population within 60 minutes, because this could spell the end!

This is a beginner-level room and independently playable from 15 years of age. For children from 11 years old, at least one adult supervisor must accompany them in the room.


Price List

Number of people per escape room:

2 persons > 50,00 euro p.p.
3 persons > 35.00 euro p.p.
4 persons > 30,00 euro p.p
5 persons > 27,00 euro p.p
From 6 persons > 26,00 euro p.p


Get 10% discount
– If you book several escape rooms at the same time
– As a student up to 26 years (upon presentation of a student card)
– As a child up to 18 years old

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