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Our journey began one evening, somewhere in a cozy pub, where a simple beer mat served as the birthplace of Puzzle Escape Rooms. Surrounded by laughter and conversation, the idea was born to take escape rooms to a new level, to make them more than just rooms full of puzzles.

In that decisive moment on the beer mat, the first contours of our dream were outlined. Young, driven, and determined to create something remarkable together, we decided to take the plunge and build our own escape rooms.

Each escape room we design contributes to the unique story we want to tell. We strive to add a touch of magic to each experience, immersing participants in a world full of intrigue and challenges. Our goal is to challenge you, the escapers, to solve puzzles and most importantly think “out of the box. But it is also our goal to give you great memories and fun time.

Team Puzzle X

Team Puzzle Team Puzzle


Total number of escapers

These are all players from all Puzzle locations combined since its inception in 2016!


Number of groups

These are all the groups that have come together at all Puzzle locations since its inception in 2016! The average group size is about 5 people per group.


Number of escape rooms designed

Puzzle has designed 20 escape rooms since 2016. This includes the current escape rooms, the old ones that have already closed and the rooms we designed and built for external parties.


Number of employees since inception

Since 2016, Puzzle has already had 127 job students working for Puzzle as game masters. Puzzle also already had a total of 8 permanent employees already employed.


At Puzzle Escape Rooms, we are not just colleagues; we are a close-knit team driven by shared goals. Working together goes beyond a simple task – it is an essential part of our DNA. At Puzzle Escape Rooms, you experience not only the excitement of solving riddles, but also the strength of a close-knit team that tackles each challenge with determination and togetherness.


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These are the escape rooms we return to again and again. They bring the perfect blend of excitement, ingenious puzzles and an unparalleled atmosphere. Dive into these favorite escape rooms with us and discover a world full of surprises and challenging adventures


Madam Bonbon is truly my favorite escape room. The story with its unexpected twists makes it so intriguing, and what makes it even more special is that you can actually experience those twists while in the room. The challenging puzzles add a perfect dose of suspense, making it a great and personal challenge for me.


Hey, Saartje here! Escape Cabaret Montmartre really stands out for me. It gives me that wonderful combination of mysterious Cluedo vibes, balancing tension and fun perfectly. It’s just the ultimate escaperoom experience!


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