Escape Room

Search for the solution of the mysterious room in which you're locked up and escape with your team within 60 or 90 minutes!

Escape Room House on The Hill

House On The Hill

It all started back in 1798, when a mysterious couple came to live in the house with their 2 children. The family never had any contact with the neighbours, or anyone else. According to some legends, there were nights where you could hear sounds coming out of the house from distance. Not a...

Escape Room de besmetting Kortrijk

The infection

About a month ago, during a tour in a medical research lab, something went horribly wrong. Some kids were playing and bumped into some products, which fell on the ground and led to a chemical reaction. Deadly gasses started to spread. The poisonous gasses spreaded all across the...

Escape room Het geheim van Koning Sandur III

The Pearl of King Sandur III

King Sandur III's family have been managing the tides as long as one could remember. Regarding his age, King Sandur III is slightly losing his ability to do his task. Therefore, the time has come for his daughter Sanrah to succeed him. However, the Pearl used to manage the tides has been locked...

Puzzle escape room De Klopjacht op Jan De Lichte

The manhunt on Jan De Lichte

The Belfort of Aalst is inseparable of the life story of the notorious criminal and gang leader Jan de Lichte. He lived in the first half of the 18th century and together with his gang committed various thieves, robberies and murders.

You are dropped in 1748 at the height of the big...

Puzzle Escape Room Cabaret Montmartre

Escape Cabaret Montmartre

It's a little after one o'clock and The Duchess, the star of the Cabaret Montmartre, was murdered. From the first investigation it was guessing for the reason, but soon her very expensive pearl necklace seemed to have disappeared. You crawl into the skin of researchers hired by the director of...

Puzzle escape room The German Submarine

The German Submarine

As Allies during World War I, you are captured by the German Marine. They are transporting you to the main land to liquidate you. Suddenly, the Submarine rests on a sandbank... The German crew get out of the Submarine and leave you alone. You and your teammates only have 60 minutes of oxygen...

Het gesticht - Puzzle escape rooms Gent

The mental institution

This escape room is not just an escape room. The doctor of this institution needs 'recruits' to take part in his experiment that takes a maximum of 90 minutes. One big team, divided into different groups and who will need each other more...

Escape room Russian lab

The Russian laboratory

In this story you and your team will be in the shoes of European top spies. In the 1970s, 6 Russian scientists were working on a research project at a secret location in Ghent. They did not know that they were actually working on a chemical bomb until one scientist suddenly realized it. He...

Escape room Chocolate Factory

The secret chocolate factory

In this story, the Colombian mafia is frantically pursuing you. In 1850 in Bogota, Colombia, two Belgian businessmen had a deal with a Colombian cocoa farmer to import his rarest bean. For a century and a half, with this bean, an extremely addictive chocolate recipe was produced in a small...