The sweet escape

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Suited for birthdays, bachelor parties, family trips or just for the sweet sake of it! 

This option is available in ghent and ostend!

Sweet teeth and fancy a challenge just as we do? The Sweet Escape is what you are looking for! Puzzle Escape Rooms and Madam Bakster  are joining forces and offer you a delicious adventure! Combine our escape room with a perfect piece of pie or a mouthwatering muffin. Enjoy this yummy pastry without worrying about allergens and even better: without any guilt! You're at the right place with Puzzle and Madam Bakster! 

Price p.p. is €10 (Excl. escape game)

  • Piece of pie/muffin by Madam Bakster 
  • Coffeee/tea, or rather a glass of cava 

We would like to do escape & sweet!