3 unique escape rooms, 3 ultimate challenges and 100% fun guaranteed!

Escape room Russian laboratory

What can you expect?

You are locked in an escape room with your best friends, family or colleagues. You will have 60 minutes  time to escape from these unique and adventurous rooms. You can only succeed by solving riddles and puzzles with teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking. All puzzles are original and varied because we use almost no keys! The puzzles are not linearly designed but run parallel, so nobody will get bored when the others get stuck. The interior of each room has been developed in detail according to the theme and story. People with claustrophobia do not have to worry because there are panic buttons that open doors automatically if necessary.

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Groepsfoto escape room Russian Lab
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Het gesticht - Puzzle escape rooms Gent

The mental institution

This escape room is not just an escape room. The doctor of this institution needs 'recruits' to take part in his experiment that takes a maximum of 90 minutes. One big team, divided into different groups and who will need each other more than ever. The doctor has a big problem. His family is suffering. They have several phobias which they perish. They are going crazy, and the doctor wants to do something about that. He knows for sure that this time he has the ultimate solution. But do you trust him? Are you prepared to carry out this experiment?

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Room stats

8 - 18
Difficulty level
50 %
Puzzle variation
98 %
82 %
100 %
Puzzle escape room Russian lab

The Russian laboratory

In this story you and your team will be in the shoes of European top spies. In the 1970s, 6 Russian scientists were working on a research project at a secret location in Ghent. They did not know that they were actually working on a chemical bomb until one scientist suddenly realized it. He contacted Ghent's National Guard but nobody believed him. Not much later he got into a traffic accident ... With all their might, peopling were searching for the secret lab, but it was never found ... until now. You get 60 minutes to break into the lab, to determine the location of the bomb and to make an antidote in case this chemical bomb still explodes. GO!

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Room stats

2-7 players
Difficulty level
42 %
Puzzle variation
86 %
81 %
83 %
Escape room Chocolate Factory

The secret chocolate factory

In this story, the Colombian mafia is frantically pursuing you. In 1850 in Bogota, Colombia, two Belgian businessmen had a deal with a Colombian cocoa farmer to import his rarest bean. For a century and a half, with this bean, an extremely addictive chocolate recipe was produced in a small chocolate factory in Ghent. They became rich, but the farmer and his family did not. The recipe was secret and passed on from father to son. Recently, 2 people who had that recipe died at the same time. The Colombian mafia has also come to know of this and according to our sources they are here in exactly 1 hour ... Quick, find the recipe!

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Room stats

2 - 6 players
Difficulty level
32 %
Puzzle variation
91 %
86 %
94 %



Escape games: Prijzen per persoon 





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1 35,00 € 31,50 € 28,00 €  
2 35,00 € 31,50 € 28,00 €  
3 30,00 € 27,00 € 24,00 €  
4 27,00 € 24,30 € 21,60 €  
5 25,00 € 22,50 € 20,00 €  
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7 22,50 € 20,25 € 18,00 €  
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