Escape Room House on The Hill

House On The Hill

It all started back in 1798, when a mysterious couple came to live in the house with their 2 children. The family never had any contact with the neighbours, or anyone else. According to some legends, there were nights where you could hear sounds coming out of the house from distance. Not a single habitant of Kortrijk dared to make contact with the family. 3 years later, they left the house and it has been empty ever since. Some say you can still hear weird noises, but no one credible has ever heard it...

A few weeks ago, the city of Kortrijk hired Magdalena James, an English researcher, specialized in paranormal activity, to have a look at what's going on in the house. James entered the house and after a little less than an hour, every form of contact dissappeared. No one has seen her since... We need your help! What's going on in this century-old, mysterious house?

Room stats

40 %
Puzzle variation
89 %
Out-of-the-box thinking
93 %
95 %
Escape Room de besmetting Kortrijk

The infection

About a month ago, during a tour in a medical research lab, something went horribly wrong. Some kids were playing and bumped into some products, which fell on the ground and led to a chemical reaction. Deadly gasses started to spread. The poisonous gasses spreaded all across the air in Kortrijk. Fortunately, we are all wearing masks, which prevented us from getting infected. However, this will not remain like this. The gasses will get more poisonous and we need your help to make the vaccine, so we can vaccinate the people!

Room stats

Difficulty level
25 %
Puzzle variation
93 %
Out-of-the-box thinking
84 %
88 %




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*kids and students up to 26 years old get 10% discount!

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