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Together with the best nearby restaurants we put together a number of fun and inexpensive formulas, including an escape game! Breakfast, (luxury) brunch, lunch or dinner. These are within walking distance of Puzzle. All restaurants can be found below for each location.

General rule: The total amount (excluding drinks) is fully paid to Puzzle. All formulas do not include drinks. Drinks are settled in the restaurant itself. Reservations must be requested via the contact form and are subject to availability. The Escape & Eat is only reserved after confirmation from Puzzle.

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Franzgustav (Ghent)

Franzgustav is a very cosy brunchbar of Jan Roegiers where you can drink a coffee, thee or something fresh. You can brunch the whole day through. It is also possible to have a delicious breakfast.

Formula 1: €14 p.p. (breakfast)  
Croissant/ chocolate cookie, bio-yoghurt with home made granola, fresh apple juice/ orange juice, a hot drink of your choice

Formula 2: €22 p.p. (brunch)  
Bio-yoghurt with home made granola, soft boiled egg, a plate full with deliciousness (charcuterie, tapenades, various types of cheese, sweet sirloin, fruit and a hearty bite), a hot drink of your choice

Formula 3: €32 p.p. (luxebrunch)  
Bio-yoghurt with home made granola, scrambled egg (bio) with salmon shreds, grapefruit brulée, a plate full with deliciousness (charcuterie, tapenades, various types of cheese, sweet sirloin, fruit and a hearty bite), a hot drink of your choice, prosecco/cider

Drinks are also to be paid on site.
Up to 7 people may be reserved for the day.
From more than 7p most preferably 1 week before. Maximum: 14 persons 

Opening hours: Wednesday - Friday: 08:30am - 06:00pm, Saturday - Sunday not possible to reservate, Monday and Tuesday closed

Take a look at their website:



Enjoy a well-deserved breakfast buffet with a splendid view on the Ostend beaches. Hotel Andromeda is a 4-star hotel with a fantastic location on the seadike next to Casino-Kursaal. There plenty to love for everyone but do start your day with a glass of prosecco followed by coffee, a wide choice of tea and many different kinds of bread and pastries.

Formula 1: €40 p.p. ‘The early bird experience’ (escape game + breakfast)  
Breakfast buffet with view on sea

Opening hours: daily: 07:00 – 11:00

Take a look on their website:

Escape & eat Andromeda hotel

Small & tall (Ghent)

The menu is limited and varied; thus giving them the freedom to work with fresh and seasonal ingredients. In the afternoon you can go for a lunch in Small & Tall: a hearty sandwich, fresh soup, spaghetti bologna, vegetarian pasta or a delicious daily dish.

Formula 1: €15 p.p. (lunch)  
Soup and choice from one of the sandwiches offered (incl salad)
Formula 2: €19 p.p. (lunch or diner)  
Soup and choice of daily dish, spaghetti bologna or vegetarian pasta

Anyone who wants, can also order something like cake for example. Drinks are also to be paid on site. Up to 6 people may be reserved for the day. From more than 6 most preferably on the Thursday of the previous week. Maximum: 14 persons and 1 minimum week reserve in advance.

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 11:00am - 07:00pm, Sunday closed

Take a look at their website:


Small & Tall escape room


At Villa Borghese, passionately, a lot of attention is put to the authentic Italian kitchen. The real Italy never comes closer than this. In this extremely cosy restaurant you'll be blown away by the wide range of specialities. Villa Borghese is perfectly located, right in the heart of Ostend making it suitable to explore the inner city. Fabrizziio, Teresa & Magali welcome you wholeheartedly for lunch at Villa Borghese.

Formula 1: €35 p.p. ‘Dolce far niente’ (escape game + lunch) *only week days
Lunch of the day: starter or soup
Main course

Formula 2: €50 p.p. ‘l’Amore vince sempre’ (escape game + lunch)  
Shrimp or cheese croquette
Escalope Milanaise / Villa Borgese

Formula 3: €60 p.p. ‘La vita è un sogno’ (escape game + lunch)  
2 schrimp or cheese croquettes or caprese salad (tomato, mozzarella)
Escalope Milanaise / Villa Borghese or Osso Buco

Drinks are paid on site.
Preferably same formula for the entire group.

Opening hours: Thursday to Monday: 09:30 – 18:30
Tuesday and Wednesday closed

Check their website:

Escape & eat Villa Borghese


Undoubtedly the best Sicilian cuisine of Gent for lunch and diner! "Chiù si conza chiù si sconza" This expression captures the essence of their cuisine: Fresh-quality fresh produce grown in full sun forms the basis of the kitchen. They choose seasonal products that are at their best. They can offer a varied menu, supplemented daily with a chef's suggestion.

Formula 1: 23€ p.p. (lunch)
Appetizer: antipasto del giorno
Main course: pasta del giorno: choice of Mare (fish) I Terra (meat) I Orto (vegetarian)
Formula 2: 40€ p.p. (diner)
Starter: antipasto misto
Main course: Passegiata di pasta, 3 pasta tasting, Mare Terra Orto
Dessert: Dolce della casa
Formula 3: 57€ p.p. (diner)
Tasting menu 4 courses: choice of Mare (fish) I Terra ) I Orto (vegetarian)
Antipasto Pasta

Beverage is to be paid on site. Up to 7 people can be reserved during the day. From 8 persons minimum 3 days reserve in advance. Maximum: 21 persons and minimum 1 week in advance. Closed on Sunday and Monday!

Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday: 12:00am - 02:00pm, 06:00pm - 09:30pm, Saturday: 06:30pm - 09:30pm, Sunday and Monday closed

Take a look at their website:

ESCAPE & EAT at Il mezzogiorno IS EXACTly WhAT WE Want!


O SIAM THAI (Ostend)

O’Siam Thai is a new restaurant in Ostend with a passion for authentic Thai food culture. Siam is the former Thailand. In 1939, Phibun, Minister of Defence, altered the land's name to Prathet Thai, meaning 'land of the free people'. They use European and Thai quality products, delicately used by the chef, Yuphin. He's from Kalasin, north-east Thailand, also known as the Isaan region. This part of Thailand is known for its hot & spicy kitchen. Suttipong will gladly explain everything in order to make this lunch and dinner extraordinary. 
Enjoy your meal!

Formula 1: €37,50 p.p. ‘Surprise yourself’ (escape game + lunch)  
Starter and main course of the day

Formula 2: €47,50 p.p. ‘Treat yourself’ (escape game + lunch)  
Soup, start and main course of the day

Formula 3: €58,50 p.p. ‘spoil yourself’ (escape game + dinner)
Soup, start and main course of the day

Drinks are paid on site
Larger groups can make use of a separate room (max. 25 people) and choose for a buffet option.

Opening hours: Wednesday till Monday 11:30 – 15:30, Friday and Saturday 18:00 – 23:00, Tuesday closed

Check their website:

Escape & eat O Siam Thai

Eetkaffee Multatuli (Ghent)

In an authentic setting along the Leie in the heart of Gent you can enjoy a cozy glass or a delicious diner.

Formula 1: €30 p.p. (diner)  
Aperitif snack, main course and dessert
Formula 2: €35 p.p. (diner)
Aperitif snack, starter and main course
Formula 3: €40 p.p. (diner) 
Aperitif snack , starter, main course and dessert

Drinks must be paid at the restaurant. Up to 6 people may be reserved for the day. From more than 6 persons at least 3 days in advance.

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 05:30pm - 09:00pm

Take a look at their website: 


Multatuli Escape room

DI VINO (Ostend)

At wine bar diVino one is lingering in a Mediterranean mood. Small but delicate. That's the best way to describe diVino. Kurt is always overseeing his bistro and delivers food with passion on a small scale: "I've always loved to cook and travel. I've brought home the different tastes and scents and like to relive them in our kitchen. People should come for the overall experience: good food, fantastic wines and cosiness. We want to create a homely vibe during diner in which you can let your mind drift away."

Formula 1: €47,50 p.p. ‘Enjoy a cosy plate’ (escape game + dinner)  
‘Bordje goesting’ with 6 appetizers and pasta

Formula 2: €58,50 p.p. ‘The eyecatcher’ (escape game + dinner)  
‘Bordje goesting’ with 6 appetizers, a suggestion and dessert

Formula 3: €89 p.p. ‘Luxurious spoiling’ (escape game + luxurious dinner)  
‘Bordje goesting’ met 6 appetizers, a suggestion, dessert, accompanying wines, coffee and water

Drinks are paid on site (except for formula Luxurious spoiling).
Larger groups should make a reservation a week in advance. Maximum: 20 persons.

Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday: 18:00 – 22:00, Friday and Saturday: 18:00 – 23:00, Monday and Tuesday closed

Check their website:

Escape & eat Divino


Beautifully restaurated authentic building of 1891 located in the historical centre of Ostend. Within walking distance of the sea and the rejuvenating Leopold II-park. In the summer you can enjoy a tranquil and sunny garden terrace. The varied lunch and diner menu is filled with Belgian classics with a mediterranean kick. 't Groote Huys nr. 10 orginally was a part of the Staessens brewery but after World War I the site was divided; brewery nr. 12a was refashioned to "Hotel du Louvre". The neoclassisistic building has been renovated with respect for the original details. The ground floor was decorated as a diner and is now a part of public heritage of Ostend. The authenticity of 't Groote Huys achieves cosiness, warmth and a welcoming vibe where visitors are able to dine democratically in an aristocratic setting.

Formula 1: €38 p.p. ‘Green leaf’ (escape game + lunch/dinner) 
Whole grain pasta + basilicum pesto + Parmesan cheese + pine kernels

Formule 1: €39 p.p. ‘Pearl of the coast’ (escape game + lunch/dinner)  
Sea bass baked on the skin + pasta + sun dried tomatos + ricotta + rucola

Formule 3: €60 p.p. ‘Menu ‘t Groote Huys’ (escape game + luxurious lunch/dinner) *entire table
Cava + bite
Italian ham + Parmesan flakes + rucola + dressing OR shrimp croquettes + salad
Baked brill filet + mashed parsley potato + tomato mozzarella + green pesto + pine kernels
OR steak + béarnaise + salad + fries
Dessert of the house

Drinks are paid on site.
Larger groups should make a reservation one week in advance.

Opening hours: Wednesday and Thursday: 11:30 – 15:30, Friday and Saturday: 11:30 – 15:30 en 18:00 - 23:30. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday closed

Check their website:

Escape & eat 't Groote Huys


You don’t have to worry about reservations. We provide a nice connecting schedule. If you have specific needs or requirements, do not hesitate and contact us!